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> November 10, 2017
I hereby officially declare this website "archived" ;-)

> April 7, 2009
New photo's on new url /foto.
Because it doesn't seem like I will be updating this entire website anytime soon. THe idea is that some day this will also be the new url for this website.

> January 7, 2009
There is a delay in updating this website of three years now (with photo of the month as exception). The idea is to make a mayor update this year. A LOT now new photo's will be put online, and a LOT of the current material will be removed, to focus only on my favorite photos. Also, sky photo's will just be one of the various (nature) topics.

> January 5, 2007
I renamed the website from "Streaky skies" to the non-creative but very informative name "Sky and Weather Photography".

> May 12, 2006
Links updated (not much new link by the way).
I have giant loads of photo's ready for upload, but still haven't taken the time to do so.. ;-)

> January 3, 2006
Update: Many new photo's have been added in all categories. So the galleries have been changed and updated.
Also two new 'events' are added. Regular visitors can click here for quick access to all new photo's.

> November 9, 2005
A complete new layout has been launched! It is white by default, but you can choose for a black layout as well using the layout menu.
Together with this new version, a bunch of new photos is online as well. And all images have been resized from 640 wide to 720 wide.
Categories have been changed here and there, and completely new is the topic 'events' under 'views'.
Go check it all out ;-)

> July 18, 2005
links updated.

> May 7, 2005
50 new photo's online!

> February 20, 2005
36 new photo's online.

> February 13, 2005
The site design got a facelift, and galleries have been reordered into color categories (not all subjects, though). Several improvements in orderliness have also been applied.

> January 16, 2005
Links updated.