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> November 21, 2004
Update. These are from the summer. Next week maybe a second update.
The weekly photo is updated every week around the weekend. This is not noted on this page every week.

> October 29, 2004
New: Weekly photo! Every week a new photo, also taken in that week (mostly). Also in Dutch.

> October 21, 2004
I will put a weekly photo section online in two weeks!
Renamed the site 'Chemical' skies to Sky and Weather Photography. Too many people though that I was talking about chemtrails, which do not exist (in my opinion).

> August 10, 2004
Reworked the old ones.

> July 18, 2004
Some stunning new photo's come with this update of in total 58 new photo's.
I did my best to limit the number, but without success... The images of this update are selected out of almost 600 cloud photo's of the past 3 months... But note that I save many photo's of one event. From this event for example, I have 59 photo's (I think that's my record by the way).
Check it out

> June 20, 2004
Some new links.

> May 2, 2004
New images in the galleries.

> February 27, 2004
New interface! All images are re-selected and of course there are also new images online in all the galleries.

> December 19, 2003
Links updated.

> December 19, 2003
Merry Christmas and a wonderful new year ;-)
I have put 5 tips for sky photography online.

> November 30, 2003
Galleries are updated with images of the newly added CD 11, 12 and 13!
Also new image view, now in a screen-fitting window.
Also check out the new postcards and mousepads!
I've added this for if want to support this site ;-)

> October 6, 2003
Because the gallery is growing and growing, there are now roughly categorized galleries with selected material. There is no need anymore to browse all full galleries for a specific topic. All images are and will still chronological available in the 'Full gallery'. Also is a new CD online, number 10 already!
Oh, and also 5 forgotten slides have been included.

> September 29, 2003
CD9 is now online and also a new category, Relative phenomena + some new night photo's. I have made some changes/improvements, too. If anybody has problems with viewing this site, especially the menu, please contact me.

> July 25, 2003
Links added.

> July 24, 2003
Classics (selection from an old digital archive) added.
Movies section added, with some small movies..

> July 7, 2003
CD8 added + some night photo's.

> July 2, 2003
Sky and Weather Photography has found the light.