Michiel de Boer, audio post productie, sound design en mixage. Ook geluidsopnames op locatie, ofwel setguid. Daarnaast is hier een variƫteit aan vrij werk te zien (de oorsprong van deze website, sinds 2001).


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I've always had an inspiration for Segmented displays. The past year (2021-2022) I created some designs of my own, some of which might actually be unique, who knows... Many of these designs are demonstrated in the video below, that also tells you more about the history of the seven segment display:

Segmented Displays

You can download an SVG file containing all designs here, or just right click the same image below to save it.
You should be able to open it in any vector editing software.
All designs are straight by default, maybe you want to shear it.
NOTE: I am not responsible if anything happens to software or hardware (It's just an image file though).
Also note: No free requests as it takes a lot of time to make... The below will have to do...

All segment designs SVG image

Version history:

2022/04/24 - v1.1 first version to see the internet


A small donation would be much appreciated! Could be in the form of some music! :-)