Experimental gallery 3
The beginning of a very cool set Fractal works..
I did all pics of this set in one day, I believe...
All the colors are the atmosphere.
One more of these low atmo versus beam pics.
Older bliss pic.
Well, to me they're cool in every case.
But I like them too much to limit the number in this gallery.
Terragen keeps amazing me ;-)
Candy world.
Fire coaster. Was entry for TerraWorlds contest.
All 3 atmosphere layers are very low to the ground, and...
This terrains by the way are imported bitmaps if fractals.
This image formed the base idea for the previous fractal works.
The word is FLAT! This is the shadow of the terrain.
Another bliss pic.
...the terrain is plain black. With this I couldn't stop playng.
The whole color play is done in Terragen.
This is also pure atmosphere (on water). No post edits..
Nuclear bliss. I had to try it with the cloud reflecting water.
Black sun giving black reflection..