Experimental gallery 2
This is the sky, with in front a terrain with pillars....
Super wide angle and cool beams
Negative value for the sun...
That blue thing is the sun.
Hot easter egg with strange thing flying to it..... (sky,terrain)
"Bad bliss"
Beam on fog
IR simulation
Close up of beams in low fog I
again sky, and unfinished terrain render......
Aurora simulation 3.0; rays in sky because of curved terrain.
Below the terrain (looks like a...)
Shadow play
Close up of beams in low fog II
Aurora simulation 4.0; underwater glow and 180° rotation.
Idiot large sun and some atmo playaround.
Negative value for the sun, the right way. Inventor is Markus Gann (begann.de).
Invisible boat
Silent desert (with weird thing (below terrain))