Sky and Weather Photography by Michiel de Boer


Sky and Weather Photography is a large gallery of sky photography. Ordered in several categories you can view the sky in all it's forms and colors. Sunsets, sunrises, bad weather and friendly skies. But also photos taken at night, atmospheric optics and weather related phenomena.

There is a special part on this website about contrails. They are always apparent where I live, in the Netherlands. True clear skies are seldom because of contrails. The most worrying part of this, is the influence they can have or already have on the climate.

But let's start browsing all the galleries! You can use the menu on the bottom of every page. By clicking the large text you will go to an introduction page of the subject. You can also choose to go directly to a gallery by using the submenu's.

Even though I still make photos from time to time this website is not updated anymore. Some new photo's pop up sometimes on /foto.

It was a lot of work to maintain this website. It's still nice to browse through, so Enjoy! :-)