Sky and Weather Photography by Michiel de Boer

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noctilucent clouds 2005

Noctilucent clouds (NLC) consist of very little dust particles with a minimum amount of frost on them. This rare cloud type flows on an altitude of about 80 Kilometers high, and because of that they glow even longer than the sky itself, illuminated by the sun. They only occur in summertime.
spectacle of July 27, 2005

Beautiful clouds that lasted for a long time.
spectacle of June 12, 2004

An amazing wall of clouds, an orange to pink sky, a faint red rainbow and swirling clouds.
more events: cold afternoon, November 25, 2005
crescent moon rising, October 31, 2005
sunset of July 28, 2005
Grosser Arber, October 15, 2004
deep red sunrise, January 22, 2004
very bright sunrise, January 19, 2003
the perfect rainbow, 1999